Hi there!

Welcome to Good Food Is Good (GFIG). I’m Becky, and I’ll be your server. Let’s start by explaining what’s on the menu.

What do we mean by good food?

In this context, good means more than yummy or healthy. Good food is food that is…

  • beneficial for your body; nutrient-dense
  • grown/raised in a way that protects environmental (plant, animal, soil, air, and water) health
  • produced and harvested using fair labor practices
  • from local/regional farms (with some exceptions) and therefore…
  • in-season for the region (for the most part – some foods can be grown beyond their natural season in greenhouses and the like)

(And we want that good food to be accessible, affordable, and culturally appropriate for all eaters.)

And when it is good, it can be a tool for…

  • maintaining and improving personal health
  • cultural tradition
  • celebration
  • connecting with place and one’s native foodscape
  • building community

I’m sure I’ll add to these lists, but I think you get the idea. Good food is a critical component (for me) of a good life. Good people are essential, too.

This site is a place to share my good food journey. I’ll introduce you to the good food on my figurative plate; the places it was grown; and the people who grow and eat it. I hope to provide a feast that can be enjoyed by everyone who comes to the table.

If you have a question or would like me to write about a topic in particular, submit it via the contact page.

Lettuce begin!

(Oh, and if you’re wondering at this point if I’m going to keep doing that…the food pun thing…the answer is: yes, absolutely. If that disturbs you, you should…I don’t know, take a long, hard look at your life.)